The Text-Based NP Enrichment Task (TNE)

TNE is an NLU task, which focus on relations between noun phrases (NPs) that can be mediated via prepositions. The dataset contains 5,497 documents, annotated exhaustively with all possible links between the NPs in each document.

The main data comes from WikiNews, which is used for train/dev/test. We also collected an additional set of 509 documents to serve as OOD, from Books, IMDB reviews and Reddit.

This dataset was created by a team of NLP researchers at Bar-Ilan University and Allen Institute for AI.

For more details on TNE, please refer to our paper.


Text-based NP Enrichment Yanai Elazar, Victoria Basmov, Yoav Goldberg, Reut Tsarfaty arxiv, 2021

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Victoria Basmov



Evaluating predictions for the hidden test set is done via the AI2 Leaderboard page. Log on to the leaderboard website and follow the submission instructions.


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