PhD Student of Computer Science

Bar-Ilan University


I am a third year PhD student in the Natural Language Processing Lab at Bar-Ilan University, under the supervision of Prof. Yoav Goldberg.
I also work as a research intern at AI2 Israel.

I’m extremely greatful (and lucky!) to be a Google PhD Fellow.

My interests lie between Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

I am also co-organizing an online NLP seminar: NLP with Friends, along with Abhilasha Ravichander, Liz Salesky and Zeerak Waseem. Join us!


  • Dec 2020: Invited talk at AI2, Seattle
  • Dec 2020: Invited talk at Miscrosoft, Israel
  • Nov 2020: Invited talk at CMU, USA
  • Oct 2020: I was featured in the Jerusalem Post
  • Oct 2020: I shortly appeared on an Israeli radio show - Shlosha Sheyody’im (Three who knows) with Dudu Erez
  • Oct 2020: I’m a Google PhD Fellow
  • Aug 2020: I’m co-organizing the HAMLETS workshop at NeurIPS
  • Jul 2020: Co-organizing a new online NLP seminar: NLP with Friends. Join us!
  • Jan 2020: Invited talk at DataHack Meetup
  • Nov 2019: Invited talk at IBM research, Israel
  • Sep 2019: Invited talk at ISCOL, Israel
  • May 2019: Invited talk at Citi Innovation lab, Israel
  • May 2019: Accepted paper to ACL19
  • May 2019: Accepted paper to TACL
  • Apr 2019: Invited talk at Inria Lab, Paris
  • Feb 2019: Invited talk at Textkernel, Amsterdam
  • Feb 2019: Visited UPenn (+talk)
  • Nov 2018: Started an internship at Google Research
  • Nov 2018: Presented our paper at University of Sheffield
  • Nov 2018: Presented our paper at Imperial College London
  • Nov 2018: Presented our paper at EMNLP
  • Aug 2018: Accepted (first!) paper to EMNLP


It’s not Greek to mBERT: Inducing Word-Level Translations from Multilingual BERT

The Extraordinary Failure of Complement Coercion Crowdsourcing

Do Language Embeddings Capture Scales?

Unsupervised Distillation of Syntactic Information from Contextualized Word Representations

When Bert Forgets How To POS: Amnesic Probing of Linguistic Properties and MLM Predictions

Null It Out: Guarding Protected Attributes by Iterative Nullspace Projection

Evaluating nlp models via contrast sets

oLMpics -- On what Language Model Pre-training Captures

Adversarial Removal of Demographic Attributes Revisited

How Large Are Lions? Inducing Distributions over Quantitative Attributes

Privacy and Fairness in Recommender Systems via Adversarial Training of User Representations

Recent Posts

Attending ACL2020 (Remotely)

Tomorrow (July 5th, 2020) is the first day of ACL, and this year, as opposed to what we are used to, it will be held online. It is very unfortunate that we have to attend the conference on remote, however, it also allows more people to attend, which is a good thing! As such, some lab mates asked me about my strategy for attending this conference. Honestly, I don’t know. The organizers put a lot of effort into putting an impressive website, but the entire situation is quite overwhelming: the various types of “meetings”, the huge amount of papers (all of which are recorded, etc.

Remote Servers

For the past several years, I’ve been working on data-science/research projects, starting in the industry and a couple of undergraduate assignments and more recently by doing research as a graduate student. As someone who likes a convenient environment, I always like to improve the way I work and automate routine dull processes. In this first post of mine, I’ll describe how I make my environment more convenient to work with.